Board of Directors Meeting
October 21,  2008

Present:  Jim Cooper - President, Ray McDermott - Director, Chris Brogan- Vice president, Blaise Simone-Secretary, Lesley Studholme - S.C.M.  & Wil Leister ARC  

Wil Leister introduced two residents - Bill Harding and Alma McBride.

President Jim called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. at the Health Center of Merritt Island.   


The minutes of the meeting of July 25, 2008 were read by Blaise Simone.  Ray made the motion to accept the minutes.  Blaise seconded and all were in favor. There were no meetings held in August or September.


Jim Cooper - gave an overview of the financials for the Aug/Sept. period.  The report consisted of income and expenditures with the bottom line in each account.   Jim indicated he had talked with the present Treasurer Beth who will be resigning her position at the annual meeting.  Alma McBride showed some interest in the position and will get back with the board on her decision.  Blaise made the motion to accept the Treasurers Report, Ray seconded and all were in favor.


Lesley Studholme submitted the managerís report which consists of the tracking of non compliance issues in Copperfield.  Explanation was given to the guests on what the managerís report consisted of.   The report is attached and a part of these minutes..  


ARC /ARCCĖ  There were 9 approved ARAís which Chris reviewed with the board.The report is attached to these minutes.
                      -  There was no report submitted for the ARCC

LANDSCAPE ĖRay indicated that the palm trees need to be trimmed and Jason of Neon Tree Service is a little cheaper than Leland.  Chris will inquire as to timing for this.  Chris explained the mishap that occurred when Neon was cutting the pepper trees.  The truck they were using, dumped oil on the road.  Roads and Bridges were contacted and we were told it is their road and they will clean it up.  So far, only a sweeper has been brought in.  Neon is not billing for the work done at this point.   They are still to set an alternate time to come back.


Charging Assessments- Lesley indicated that there has been one credit card payment request so far.

Filling the washout around the storm drain- Chris indicted roads and bridges said that the pipe is their responsibility however it is the flange that is the problem. Still it seems that quikcrete around the drain might be an option.  Throw the bags down and they will harden up.  Discussion also included that it is possible to have the dirt dumped from a property having a pool dug and possible concrete.  


2009 Budget- SCM presented the proposed 2009 budget which has not changed from 2008.  Some budget items for 2008 show an overage but it is due to the irrigation repairs of the electric and panel also, some entrance landscape.  This should be absorbed in the 2009 budget because the insurance is less. This means not needing to transfer money from the reserve account.
Steve Saretsky inquired about a line item be added for the continued removal of the pepper trees but it was decided that this is included in the landscape. 

Jim asked for a motion to accept the proposed budget, Blaise made the motion, Ray seconded and all were in favor.

There will be 2 openings for the election on November 19th.  The Board agreed to use the same format as sent the last 2 years.  Blaise agreed to run for his renewed position.  Alma McBride will get back to us.


Chris made the motion to adjourn the meeting, Ray seconded and all were in favor 8:35 pm