Board of Directors Meeting
January 20,  2009

Present:  Jim Cooper - President, Ray McDermott - Director, Chris Brogan- Vice president, Blaise Simone-Secretary, Alma McBride - Treasurer- Lesley Studholme - S.C.M.  

Wil Leister and Bill Harding were also present from the ARC

President Jim called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. at the Health Center of Merritt Island.   


The minutes of the meeting of October 21, 2008 were read by Blaise Simone.  Wil noticed that the heaving roadway on Hedgerow and Heather Stone was missing from the minutes.  It is noted that the heaving is the responsibility of Road and Bridges.  It is necessary to keep this as follow up.  Ray made the motion to accept the minutes as amended. Chris seconded and all were in favor. 


Alma McBride gave an over view of the financials for November and December.  Both overviews covered the receipts, expenditures and balances in both the checking and reserve accounts.  She also confirmed that the 3 CD’s are in place with Coastal for $17,102.85.  Blaise made a motion to accept the treasurer’s reports as submitted Ray 2nd and all were in favor.

Wil requested that in future Alma be given the monthly report prior to the night of the meeting.  It was explained by Lesley that this was the first time in 5 years that the report was given the night of the meeting.  She assured Wil that it would not happen again .   Wil requested that the report be emailed to Alma but Lesley explained that Copperfield financials are kept on a computer not linked to the internet.  For future reference,  Lesley will get with Alma to find out how she would like things done.

Ray made reference to new signature cards.  Lesley will look into getting the form from Wachovia and requirements from Fidelity.


Lesley Studholme submitted the manager’s reports for Oct/Nov., Nov/Dec. and Dec/Jan. which consists of the tracking of non compliance issues in Copperfield.  The report is attached and a part of these minutes.  Discussion involved whether to send repeat offenders to the Attorney.  Chris stated that it could be due to economic hardship -  


ARC–  Chris had no ARC Report prepared but indicated that there was a meeting in January to view paint colors on Steve Saretsky’s house.

ARCC - There was no report submitted by T.Loshe.

Ray submitted a bid from Dave Vorves (a local painter) to pressure wash, chalk and apply two coats of Sherwin Williams paint to both sides of the wall.  The cost would be $2500.  Alma McBride suggested that 3 bids be obtained.  Lesley will get another bid from Frank Hurlbert to over both sides of the fence with the same procedure.- Ray will get a 3rd.

Chris noted that when Neon was trimming he mentioned that one of the 5 palm trees at the entrance is dying.


Ray reported that the storm drain flange is still a problem.  This issue should be resolved before it becomes severe.  Chris will contact Southern Greens and get another bid plus Ray will give Chris the number of another contact.  Ray indicated that this should be a permanent repair.


The repeat 3rd notices issued to non compliance property owners  was addressed.  It was determined that when owners do not respond or attempt to comply too the notices, an attorney’s letter should be the follow up action.  The board members will inspect the properties noted by SCM and indicate which ones should be served by the attorney. 

Jim was informed that breakins are on the rise in Copperfield.

Chris suggested that the quarterly billing be used as notice of up coming board of directors meetings.  It should state that the meeting dates are anticipated and watch for the entrance notification.  He also thought a notation on the website was also in order.

He also reminded the BOD that the website renewal address is coming up and will have to be addressed.

641 Heather Stone is in major disrepair with the back yard growth.  It has now exceeded the height of the fence.  After discussion, it was determined that SCM will gain authorization from the owner to allow access for cutting.  Chris will see if Vance will clear it with a price not to exceed $100.00.


Blaise made the motion to adjourn the meeting, Ray seconded and all were in favor 9:05 pm