Board of Directors Meeting
June 23, 2009

Present:  Chris Brogan- Vice president, Alma McBride-Treasurer , Ray McDermott-Director and  - Lesley Studholme - S.C.M.  
President Jim Cooper and Blaise Simone-Secretary were unable to attend.

Wil Leister and Bill Harding and Lynn Riley  were also present from the ARC

Vice President Chris called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. at the Health Center of Merritt Island.   


The minutes of the meeting of May 19, 2009 were read by Chris Brogan.  Alma made the motion to accept the minutes as read. Ray seconded and all were in favor. 


Alma McBride gave  the June financials .  The Treasurerís report covered the beginning balance, withdrawls and deposits for each month and the ending balance.   She also gave the final balance of the 1 C.D. at $17,822.55 and reported that the 3 cdís are now one and have been taken over by Riverside at 2%.  The same terms apply to the withdraw penalty.


Lesley Studholme submitted the managerís report which consists of the tracking of non compliance issues in Copperfield.     There were 2 properties are in foreclosure.  
There was some discussion of owner concerns regarding the pesticides used by Southern Greens.  It was determined that Southern Greens should give SCM something in writing indicating that they are using the least toxic and approved herbicides and pesticides.

It was also mentioned that a truck carrying chlorine is parking on Abbeyridge and should be asked to move.  It was determined that the address of where the truck is parking is not the owner of the address.   

ARCĖ           Chris Brogan reported that there are 3 completed and approved ARA;s

 ARCC-    The ARCC report was submitted by T. Loshe and is attached and a part of these minutes.  

Ray McDermott indicated that the front entrance palms need trimming and requested authorization to have Vance or Leland give a price

Ray updated everyone on the CDís.  Coastal only offered 1% so the 3 C.D.ís were withdrawn and deposited into 1 CD with Riverside who offered 2%.

Gary Neff- had lodged a complaint with regards receiving non compliance letter from SCM for rust on his walkway and driveway.  Chris commented that there was some validity in his remarks in that the front entrance of Copperfield was in need of rust and mold removal also.    It was discussed that with no water to pressure wash up there, it creates a difficulty.  Ray is looking into bids to maintain the front entrance area on a regular basis.  Chris made the motion to have it cleaned prior to the next meeting, Ray seconded and all were in favor.

Ray submitted the latest version of the newsletter to go out with the billing.  Alma recommended that  a disclosure be added at the bottom stating that the information is confidential and will not be sold or given to lists.  Ray will have something added.


Will requested that the owner of the Chlorine truck be notified to move it.

ARA changes, - Willís discussion included that if an owner does not comply to complete an ARA what action can be taken?  Chris indicated that a complaint should be lodged that a modification to the property has been done without an ARA.  At that time, SCM should continue with the infraction process.

Ray made the motion to adjourn the meeting, Alma seconded and all were in favor 8:45 pm