Board of Directors Meeting
April 27, 2010

Present: Jim Cooper-President, Chris Brogan- Vice president, Ray McDermott-Director , Lesley Studholme- SCM, Blaise Simone-Secretary & Alma McBride – Treasurer.

Guests- Wil Leister, Lynn Riley, Mr.& Mrs. Alverez

Jim Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. at the Health Center of Merritt Island. 

The minutes of the meeting of March were read by Blaise Simone.  Chris made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Ray seconded and all were in favor. 

The February report was read by Alma McBride.  The report consists of an overview of deposits, expenditures, interest and profit loss for the general operating account at Wachovia and the reserve account with Fidelity.   She also gave the update on the CD account at Riverside Bank which is changing to TD Bank.  Blaise made the motion to accept the February report, Chris seconded and all were in favor.  The March report was then submitted by Alma wherein Blaise made the motion to accept the March report, Ray seconded and all were in favor.

Lesley Studholme submitted the manager’s report which consists of tracking non compliance issues in Copperfield.  The report was much larger than has been in several months with most properties having lawn and rust issues.  The report is attached and made a part of these minutes.

 Also present were Mr. & Mrs. Alverez – who had sent a letter requesting information on whose responsibility it is to cut an oak tree which is on an adjacent lot but hangs onto their lot.  It was discussed that they can cut the limbs encroaching their property but must get permission to go any further with cutting or removing limbs.  It was suggested they write a letter outlining various options to the owner.

ARC–   Chris Brogan indicated that there were 2 meetings since the last report. 

ARCC-    Tom Loshe submitted the ARCC report and Chris Brogan gave the overview.  The report is attached and made a part of these minutes.

Ray McDermott met with James of Southerns Greens to walk the area around the retention pond where the mowing is in question.  Neighbors have been throwing green waste, tree limbs etc. over the fence which has become a problem.  Southern Greens in turn has been limited to how far they can mow unless they haul the green waste away.  However, they have agreed to remove what is there now and will continue to mow.  Ray also indicated that the Indian Hawthornes are too costly to replace at the entrance, and Southern Greens suggested a wait period before replacing. Chris made the motion to accept the minutes as amended, Ray seconded all were in favor.

Blaise Simone checked into Divine Mercy for a meeting place but it is not available.  There is also an area at the west entrance of the Mall but require $75.00 per hour. 

Chris Brogan offered an alternative individual other than Southern Greens for lawn maintenance.   He indicated that the price would be better and they offer more services.  The board requested Chris obtain a bid.

Wil Leister questioned whether fines could be issued against repeat non compliance offenders.  There was much discussion as to how this could be approached and the legality of it.  SCM indicated they would look into these options.  Ray stated that the attorney is notified after the third letter which should save the cost of continuing the letter sequence.


Ray made the motion to adjourn at 8:41, Chris seconded and all were in favor.