Copperfield Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
January 15, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm

Present: Jim Cooper, Chris Saretsky, Biagio Simone, Ray McDermott,
And Denis Riley

Guests: Wil Leister, Steve Nealon, Steve Saretsky, and Gary Neff.
Angel Walker got sick and had to leave.

Minutes of the December 7, 2012 meeting were read by Biagio Simone
Ray McDermott made a motion to approve the minutes, Denis Riley seconded the motion and the motion was passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s report: 
Denis Riley went into explaining in depth the financial report and said that so far all was in order.

Manager’s report:
Ray explained Angela’s report regarding: violations, meetings with Southern Greens about the retention pond, and common areas and the repairs that have to be done, quote pending.

Lawyers’ fees were also discussed, and it was decided to see what Angela thought about his fee.
Also a recommendation was brought up to search for insurance rates.

Committee reports:
ARC: none

ARC: Tom Losi reported that there were 5 ARAs, 4 were completed;
1 the roof was done but the house painting was not done yet.

1811 Abbey Ridge still has not completed ARAs.

Ray reviewed the pond issues as was in the managers’ report.

Old Business: 
1800 Abby ridge, sprinklers will be shut off.

New business: 
Wil asked that a copy of the signed paver’s document be sent out.

Cheryl Nealon is looking into a date for the community yard sale.

A motion was made by Ray McDermott that $75.00 be authorized for advertising the yard sale. Denis second, all were in favor.

General questions and answers:
It is to be noted that cars are being broken into in the neighborhood.

An alert that coyotes are roaming Merritt Island and our neighborhood. 

Motion was made by Ray, second by Chris 
8:15 pm