Copperfield Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
February 19, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Present:  Jim Cooper, Chris Saretsky, Denis Riley, Biagio Simone and Ray McDermott.  Also in attendance were Wil Leister and Angela Walker.

Minutes of the January 15, 2013 meeting were read by Biagio Simone.  Chris Saretsky made a motion to approve the minutes; Ray McDermott seconded the motion and the motion was passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: 

Denis Riley explained the revisions needed to be made to the Copperfield Financial Report. 

1. Reformatting of the A/R Report 
2. Prepaid Expenses
3. Reformatting of Balance Sheets

Denis Riley reported he will be working with Renae from TCB Property Management to have the changes ready for the February 2013 financials.  Biagio Simone made a motion to approve the changes to the financial report; Chris Saretsky seconded the motion and the motion was passed unanimously.

Denis Riley also reported that the signature cards need to be updated at both Wells Fargo and Fidelity Bank. 

Manager’s Report:

Angela Walker provided the ongoing violation report, sample violation letters for review, and the following violation status report:

  • The capping of the common area irrigation at 1800 Abbeyridge has been completed by Southern Greens Landscaping.
  • The second certified letter to 1811 Abbeyridge was sent out 1/26/13 asking for an ARA to be sent for their roof, exterior house painting and paver projects.  There has not been any correspondence from the homeowner as of today.  It was suggested that this property be put under “watch” status in hopes that the homeowner will provide the ARA’s soon.
  • 1838 Abbeyridge – The homeowner sent an email that was forwarded to the Board that stated he was in the process of correcting the violations. 
  • 1852 Abbeyridge – This property has many landscaping issues.  A violation letter has been sent to get this property in compliance ASAP.
Committee Reports:

ARC – Chris Saretsky provided a written list of approved ARA’s:

  • 1805 Abbeyridge – New roof and house painting on 1/16/13 and 2/13/13
  • 685 Heather Stone – New paver driveway and walkway on 1/17/13
  • 1807 Abbeyridge – New roof on 2/7/13
  • 647 Heather Stone-widening of driveway on 2/11/13
Pending ARA’s:  646 Heather Stone has been notified that they are in violation for erecting a shed taller than the homeowner’s 6’ fence and erecting a second undetermined structure, both without ARC prior approval. 

Old Business:

Ray McDermott reported that the capping of the common area irrigation at 1800 Abbeyridge has been completed; however, it appears the homeowner has not yet added their replacement irrigation. 

The additional removal of the vegetation in Track “G” will be done in stages during the quarterly maintenance.  Angela Walker will obtain bids for the north side retention pond repairs. 

New Business:

Garage sale:  Ray McDermott announced that the dates for the upcoming Copperfield community garage sale have been set for March 15th & 16th.  The garage sale start time on both dates is 8:00 a.m. 

Action by Board on a motion via email:  Ray McDermott reminded the Board that a previous decision had been made by the Board to approve actions via email as long as any action was approved unanimously. 

Rewriting of Copperfield documents: Ray McDermott suggested that the current HOA documents need to be rewritten and updated.  Examples of updated documents from similar properties were discussed as a guide in the rewrite process.  Sharon Lockamy and Angela Walker will assist Ray and the Document Committee during the process.

The Board suggested that Angela Walker contact Clayton & McCulloh (HOA attorneys) as to their current attorney fees for comparison purposes. 

Renters ARC violations:  Angela Walker provided the Board with a list of all owners with alternate addresses, as found in the Brevard County Public Records, and explained that all violation letters are sent to both addresses on file.  It was suggested that an attempt be made to contact homeowners with alternate addresses to ask for a copy of their rental agreement if the property is being rented.

Chinch bugs:  Jim Cooper reported that there is a treatment resistant chinch bug that is headed to this area and wanted the Board to be aware of it.

Wood fences:  Jim Cooper reported that he has been informed that many of the new communities in the Orlando area are now banning wood fences in favor of white vinyl fences.

Wil Leister provided the Board and Management with CD’s containing documents of the Copperfield Community infrastructure.

Adjournment: Motion was made by Biagio Simone and seconded by Denis Riley at 9:00 p.m.